Check Your Love Quotient

💞 Valentine’s Day — or maybe any day💞

Love is in the air!

Unless it isn’t.

Do you know what your Love Quotient is?

❤️‍🩹 Relationships rank high on our priority list, yet we often struggle with them most of our lives. Sometimes we’re not sure how to handle a troubling matter. Maybe even an everyday situation is a thorn in your side. If you’re really invested in your relationships and yourself, check your Love Quotient!

❣️ What is your Love Quotient?❣️

  Take my quiz to find out!

💗 How this Quiz works: as soon as your request is submitted, you will receive a link to pick up your copy of the Love Quotient Quiz

DAY #1: You’ll receive the Quiz to download, print out if you like, and answer it privately. (Look for the first email from me after you confirm your request.)

DAY #2: To review your answers, a Love Quotient Quiz Results eBooklet will be sent to you the next day.

DAY #3: The following day, you’ll get a self-scoring Love Quotient Quiz Scorecard, to see how you scored! 

Quizzes are FUN, aren’t they?! We can learn a lot about ourselves, especially when we consider our answers as we go through them.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy this quiz and find it interesting!

Request your copy of the 💗Love Quotient Quiz💗

Only three very simple steps to discover yours!

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